Decide, Commit…

Yes, we have a new year on our hands, a universally recognized time to evaluate the year past and make plans for the year to come.  I will spare you the complete details of my own reflection, but there I’m going to make a public commitment to one of my goals so you can hold me accountable.  I know I’m a week late, but better late then never, right?

We recently received P90X2 in the mail and as we started the program decided to start the meal plan as well.  I am sad to say that we only lasted on it three days; it is a little complicated to track and doesn’t provide enough carbs for this nursing mom.  But since I still wanted to set some goals to improve my health (and attack that baby belly), I am going to have a 90 day dessert fast.

As I have a strong love for desserts, I will need your help!  Harrass me if you see me wavering.  If you want some extra support/harrassment with your own goals, feel free to share them and we can work on things together.

4 thoughts on “Decide, Commit…

  1. Love the idea..
    Whenever I make a super healthy meal. I usually take a picture of it but then I think what is this for??

    I’ll have to give you my homemade refried been recipe and granola..both fabulous!

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