Protein Pancakes

This past weekend we headed to Colorado to visit some friends and of course hit the slopes.  We had always heard great things about the skiing there, only to arrive to one of the driest winters they have had in many years and ski on icy, man-made snow.  And what did I encounter on my return to “mild” Washington?  A huge snowstorm that left us snowed in the entire day and a foot of snow in our driveway.  Figures.

What better way to spend a snowed in day than baking something?  Since I am only a week into the 90-day dessert fast I had to ignore those desires and made something a little less goal-sabotaging, but still delicious, Bill Phillips’ Protein Pancakes.

As you read the ingredients you may think they aren’t going to turn into pancakes, or if they do they will be strange, but let me tell you, I love them.


6 egg whites
1 cup cottage cheese
1 cup old fashioned oats
1 tsp cinnamon
dash of vanilla

Dump everything in a blender until it looks like batter, cook on the griddle, and voila!  You have a nice low carb, high protein pancake that you won’t feel guilty about and will actually keep you full until the next meal.  Serves 2.

NUTRITION: 211 Calories / 2.2 g Fat / 24 g Carbs / 22 g Protein / 3 g Fiber

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