Tour de Cure

If you have been checking this blog, you probably have goals for healthier eating this year.  I’m loving that we can work together on this…though I’m a bit sad I can’t seem to be able to pawn off any leftover delicious homemade cookies on anyone.  Way to be strong!  Someone even decided to join me in my 90-day dessert fast, which made me think maybe some of you want to join me in one of my fitness goals for the year…ride a CENTURY!  Yes, that’s one hundred miles on your bike.

Now, if that seems a little far or a little intense, don’t worry.  You can still join in the fun without going all the way.  There are shorter courses of 15, 25, 45, or 75 miles.  For those who don’t know, the Tour de Cure is a ride sponsored by the American Diabetes Association to raise funds and awareness for curing Diabetes.  You all know what an epidemic this has become in our country, but maybe it has affected you personally like it has me…my dad and one sister both have it.

The ride is May 12th up at Lake Sammamish, you can go to the main website for more information, or if you’d like to join my team, you can go do my page.  If you aren’t even feeling up for the 15 miles, you can simply donate on my page as well.

Let me know if you have any questions…hope to ride with you soon!

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