Happy Easter!!

Anyone overflowing with hard-boiled eggs today and need to put them to good use?  Personally I could just sprinkle them with a little salt and pepper and eat them like candy.  I am so glad we discovered Aaron doesn’t react to the cage-free eggs because life without eggs was so sad.  If you need a little more inspiration than salt and pepper, I saw this and thought I’d share:

8 Recipes for Hard-Boiled Eggs











It is of course too late for an official Easter Brunch, but the Smoked Salmon Fritattas that came up at the end of that list looked divine!  I have just the right amount of leftover smoked salmon to have those in the am with some leftover asparagus…yum!

I was also trying to find out how the tradition of Ham on Easter got started.  Pretty darn sure Jesus didn’t serve up any ham at the last supper, but my online searches have produced too many different answers.  Any of you know the real story?  I myself don’t feel too passionately about ham, so I’d love a good excuse to change the tradition. 🙂

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