Eight Months Pregnant

So I haven’t posted anything since last July.  That is a long time.  I know, a really long time, especially in the world of social media.  I have many many excuses, but I don’t think you really care.  You probably have forgotten completely that I even had this blog…most days I have forgotten too!  But since we have a baby coming in a month, I wanted to hop back on here and recommit myself before things get even crazier.

This pregnancy has wiped away my strong commitments to healthy living that made me start this blog in the first place.  But now that I am large to the point of being ready to burst, I am coming back to the blog to hold myself accountable to the best decisions health-wise.  In the next month I hope to do some catch up, maybe even some back posting if I get really crazy.  Then after the baby comes we will hopefully get even crazier as I share my efforts to burn that baby weight so we can all help keep each other in line.

prego cartoon

2 thoughts on “Eight Months Pregnant

  1. Bec,
    I found this 7 minute workout we should do it together..post baby of course, NOT that I’m saying you need to work out! I do it at work and I love it! It’s a little intense you do everything for 1 minute; jumping jacks, lunges, etc. It’s a great quick intense workout! Sadly, these days if I get in 10 minutes it can be an accomplishment..ha!

  2. Glad you’re still going to do this blog – I always like your healthful tips!! Excited for you and the new little Anderson-to-be!

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