Those Last Ten Pounds

Looks like I made it through a whole week without a post.  I did, however, have PLENTY of sleep deprivation…and I wonder why I have been having more difficulty reaching my health and fitness goals these days!!!  I learned at General Conference that

Being in good physical condition comes at a price, and that price is dedication, perseverance, and self-discipline.

I know, maybe not spiritual, but maybe it IS because our bodies and spirits are connected!  So it is time for me to step up my perseverance and wanted to invite any of you to join me.  I have been haphazardly working out and haphazardly eating healthy, but I need some more structure and definitely more accountability.

So I am going to officially start the Beachbody Challenge and hope some of you ladies will do it with me.  I am thinking about Insanity, but am up for your suggestions.  Then we can have a Facebook fitness group where we can keep each other motivated by sharing our workout experiences and healthy recipes.


So comment, email, text me whatever if you are interested and we can help each other meet our goals!!!

P.S. Sorry if you got a message on Facebook and here and feel stalked, but I am ready to get going on this (maybe November 4th??) so talk to me soon.


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