Summer’s End

I figured this kind of sentiment was in order after my last post.  Saying hello to wonderful things like pears and pumpkins means saying goodbye to equally wonderful things like peaches and corn.  Of course in the global world we live in today we can get all of them all year round, but the mouth-watering freshness can sadly not be duplicated.  We have been getting some AMAZING fresh peaches from the farmstand by our house and I really can’t get enough of them.

August 2013 049

This isn’t a recipe so much as it is an ode to my favorite summer snack.  The basic premise is plain Greek Yogurt topped with fresh fresh fruit topped with just a touch of Nature’s Path Granola (I am currently loving the new Coconut Chia–have you tried it yet??).  Early summer the fruit is Spooner’s amazing strawberries, then raspberries, then blackberries, and now this delicious peach.  Frozen blueberries are a nice alternative for the long rainy season here in the northwest.

As pictured the nutrition is: Calories 244 / Carb 33 / Fat 6 / Protein 16 / Sugar 17

It seems so much easier to eat healthy in the summer with all the produce.  We were having salads every day when our lettuce was at its peak!  How do you keep up a healthy lifestyle instead of hibernating?  What are your favorite summer snacks?

peach ice cream

If you want another great way to enjoy some “peaches and cream” just toss in the Vitamix:

4 peaches
2 cups Greek Yogurt
Sweetener to taste (numbers below are with 1 TBSP Agave)

Then pour in your ice cream maker and voila!  Some super yummy super easy super healthy frozen yogurt.

Calories for 4 servings: 124 / Carb 19 / Fat 0 / Protein 13 / Sugar 16