The Training Begins

Saturday I had my first outdoor ride of the season and the first long ride of training for our century.  I have to say that it started out great…the clouds had parted and the sun came out, which is why I decided to head outdoors instead of riding two hours in the spinning room at the gym (yawn!).

The further I went though, the more I realized that I was less than prepared!  Sunglasses would definitely have been helpful, something I’m obviously not accustomed to at this time of year.  And I didn’t remember until halfway through when the pain started kicking in that I had only taken one short ride during the week because sick kids kept me from the gym so my legs and butt were BURNING last night!!

Then the best part was encountering this, when I was in the home stretch.  SLEET!!  No better motivation for sprinting the last leg, that’s for sure!!

Some other preparation that would have been nice would be to make a playlist.  Messing with the ipod while riding on the street seemed like more of a safety hazard than it was worth and unfortunately Sarah McLachlan came up all too many times on the shuffle I had going while I was out there.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like Sarah, but it’s just not the best to pump you up for a long workout!!!  So I would love your help in making a better playlist for my long ride next Saturday.  What are your favorite songs for working out?  What keeps you going hard and burning those calories?

And of course you can also help by donating to the cause!